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Pergola is a structure that usually consists of  an open roof of girders and cross rafters.

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Gazebo is a freestanding roofed structure usually open on the sides.

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Building uses a wooden grid and wooden walls on it , which is placed on a wooden foundation.

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Parking is like a wooden canopy in any shape that protects your car outdoors from the sun and rain.

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Entrance is an opening such as a door, passage, or gate that allows access to a location and can also identify that location

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Shed is a simple roofed structure, used as a storage space, a shelter for animals, or a workshop.

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Pet House is a house for your pet such as a cat, dog, bird or horse that can be used in your house or yard.

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Table consists of vertical and horizontal elements that are grided as the base of the table and the glass of the table is placed on them.

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Bench is made of wooden elements that can be used inside the gazebo, pergola, yard or park.

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Flower Box is made of wooden pieces that can be placed inside a plastic pot and planted with shrubs or even trees.

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Column is made of wooden mesh that can be used as a structural column or decorative column.

Icon Bike station.jpg

Bike Station is a wooden net that can be designed for a bicycle in a corner of the yard or warehouse, ​or for a large number of bicycles near the workplace or home

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Bookshelf is made of wooden horizontal and vertical elements that can be fastened together and even used as a decoration for your walls.

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Chair is made of wood and can give it a beautiful look with their unique design, as a special chair in the corner of your house.

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Light is designed with different and light weight designs to decorate your home by reflecting light on wood..