About Us


Agorican Founder has been active in ordinary methods of designing and constructing buildings since 1980.

Agorican founder is practicing digital architecture since 2010.

Agorican method is based on using computer and digital machines in designing and fabricating any products for a daily life, from a chair to a complete house.

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The Advantages Of Design

  • Custom Designs

AGORICAN Architecture Could Process Any Shape And Form Whereas They Are Designed And Made Digitally. Since Agorican products are designed and fabricated digitally so any shape and form wanted by customers is available.


  • Unique Designs


Agorican products have unique designs not seen before.

  • Environment Friendly Design

Agoican products are fabricated digitally with various panel shaped materials such as glass, steel, plywood, ... so the tiny parts of little products could be placed on blank remaining. The disposals would be least and recycled or used in side manufactures.



  • Easy Assembling

Fabricated Coded Parts Of Agorican products. Could Be Easily Assembled disassembled or reassembled By Simple workers.

  • A 2 Year Guarantee


There are suitable guarantees for Agorican producys.

  • Order able Parts


Because of Digital coded designs each piece of Agorican products has a code, so if it is lost or damaged, it could be ordered and replaced.





Saeed Derambakhsh
Master of Architecture





Ladan Khodadadeh
Master of Architecture
Head Designer





Taha Derambakhsh
Master of Architecture
MBA graduated
Product Manager
Web Developer





Farokh Mohammadzadeh Tabasi
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
Finance Manager





Ehsan Kalantari Khandani
Bachelor of Civil Engineering
Construction & Fabrication Manager





Orkideh Salehi
Master of Art in Graphic
Bachelor of German Language
Marketing Manager





Parisa Radmard
Master of Architecture
Shape Drawing
Quality Control





Sahar Torkaman
Bachelor of Architecture
3D Modeler & Rendering





Aala Derambakhsh
PHD in Digital Architecture
Concept Designer
Product Designer